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Aspects of Practice

Preventive /Hygiene

As a member of our practice, you will be a part of one or more phases of treatment: Prevention, Restorative and Emergency.

We believe that one of our primary responsibilities to our patients is helping them avoid painful and costly dental emergencies. How do we do this? By strongly emphasizing the need for regular hygiene visits. We know that most emergencies can be prevented through a program of regular cleanings and good home care.


The need for restorative dentistry can arise throughout life. Sometimes it is the result of normal wear and tear or accidents. Sometimes it is the result of past neglect. And sometimes it is the result of old dentistry that has simply worn out.

Whatever the cause, almost everyone will be a candidate for restorative dentistry at some point in their lives.


Cosmetic care is often a part of restorative care. As its name implies, cosmetic dentistry focuses on appearance. This is truly an exciting facet of dentistry because it is here that the doctor can have a positive impact on the appearance of a patient’s smile. Cosmetic dentistry allows us to change the shape of teeth, the alignment of teeth and the color of teeth. In short, cosmetic dentistry is the art and science for changing and enhancing smiles.


Dental emergencies do sometimes occur. As a part of our commitment to providing our patients with the very best possible care, we have a 24-hour emergency number. This allows you to contact us day or night if you experience a dental emergency. Priority status will be given to patients and family members who have been seen in the practice during the 12 months preceding the emergency.

Hygiene and Your Hygienists

Regular hygiene visits are a fundamental part of our program of prevention. All of our hygienists are licensed and certified by the Alabama Board of Dental Examiners. Each year, they complete a significant number of hours of continuing education. Their focus is on preventive periodontal treatment.

By continually building on their foundation of knowledge, our hygienists are able to continually upgrade the quality of care they provide.

Because regular hygiene visits are so vital to your health, you will find that we do a lot to make sure that you don’t miss these appointments. We always try to schedule hygiene visits well in advance. We remind you with a postcard and an e-mail confirmation just prior to your visit. And lastly, we will call you a day or two before your appointment. We ask that you treat these appointments as a priority.

Your Dental Assistants

Each of our dental assistants are carefully chosen for their ability to provide excellent technical care and to do so with compassion and concern for the patient. Dental assistants are crucial to providing you care of the highest technical quality.