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The mission statement of our practice is:
To provide ethical and thorough comprehensive patient care.

The philosophy of our practice is simply this:
We are committed to the ongoing cosmetic and restorative dental needs of each of our patients. We believe that each individual deserves a healthy, attractive smile.

To that end,

  • We will listen intently to the needs and concerns of each individual patient.
  • We will offer those services which we believe will best meet the needs of the patient consistent with our ethical judgment.
  • We will continually stay informed and up-to-date on the latest advances in dental materials and techniques so that our patients may benefit from these advances.
  • We will offer our services in a caring and compassionate environment. We will always hold foremost a respect for the patient's need for quality care, privacy and respect.

After many years of providing cosmetic and restorative services, we know that excellent outcomes are possible only when both the doctor and patient are committed to the treatment. We ask that our patients demonstrate their commitment by:

  • Keeping all appointments
  • Making regular hygiene visits
  • Paying for services in a timely manner
  • Observing all instructions given by the doctor and staff

Through this commitment, it is possible for the doctor and patient to achieve a treatment outcome of which both will be proud.