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Business Office

Business Office

Our business office personnel are also a crucial part of your care. Although they are not directly involved in providing care, they are here to assure that you get appointments that are convenient for you and to help you with any financial arrangements you may need to make, including insurance.

Feel free to discuss any concerns or questions you may have with our business office team members. We have a consultation room available next to our business office if you prefer to discuss any concerns or questions in a private setting.

Financial Considerations

When it comes to costs of any sort, none of us like surprises. For that reason, it is our policy to make definite financial arrangements before treatment is begun. We have designed our financial policy to accommodate the budget needs of any patient.

After your initial examination, diagnosis and the consultation, we will review with you the treatment plan and fees. We will also discuss any alternative treatments and fees with you.

Occasionally, we will modify our treatment plan and fees as treatment progresses. We will do this only if additional treatment or charges become necessary. Usually, we will complete the specified treatment at the specified fee. We only ask that you begin treatment within 60 days and complete treatment within a timely manner so that we may honor the fee.

In order to make payment as convenient as possible, we offer several options. Our treatment coordinator is available to discuss these options with you.

In general, payment or an arrangement for payment is expected at the time of the appointment. Cash, checks and credit card payments are due according to the payment schedule previously agreed upon. Any balance is due at the time that treatment is completed.

If you need to finance any part of your treatment, we will be happy to assist you in arranging third-party financing.


Your insurance and dental benefit plan is a plan that your employer has acquired for you. Our fees are based on providing you with the highest possible quality of care. As such, our fees may differ from the amounts covered by your plan. This is due to the fact that the coverage is based on the average fee charged. Often these averages are several years old and do not accurately reflect the actual level of fees in our area. Differences in our fees and what your plan covers are due to limits in the coverage offered by that plan.

Although our practice is not contracted with an insurance company, we do accept assignment of benefits for several services exceeding $250, provided the insurance company submits payment to us. If you are insured with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Alabama, please contact the company prior to service to ensure they will cover the cost of your treatment.

We will gladly complete your insurance forms for you. Unless prior arrangements have been made, it will be necessary for you to pay for service at the time of your appointment and then be reimbursed by your insurance company.

If the amount of your insurance coverage is a factor in scheduling your treatment, then we will verify your coverage in advance of beginning your treatment.