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Composite Resin Bonding

Occasionally, teeth are so deeply stained or discolored that bleaching really won’t achieve acceptable whitening results. In these cases, cosmetic resin bonding can offer an excellent alternative. In addition to producing excellent cosmetic results, composite resin bonding is painless, produces immediate results (usually just one visit), and is less expensive than capping or crowning.

How does composite resin bonding work?

The teeth to be bonded are first etched with a mild acid to give them a textured surface. This helps them to have better holding power when the resin is applied.

The resin, which is a plastic, is applied directly to the prepared surface of the tooth. It is then cured or hardened with a high intensity light.

A whitish, non-transparent layer is first applied to mask the stain. After this layer is cured, a more durable, more lifelike layer is applied to give the tooth a natural appearance.

This process will take approximately one hour per tooth. The completed results can be an amazing improvement in the appearance of the teeth.

Composite resin bonding can also be used to repair chipped or broken teeth.